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This map is generated by a Google utility : Google Map. You can use the arrows to move on the map or to zoom. You can also click and maintain the mouse button pushed while moving the mouse : the map will move.

You can obtain the map background created from satellite pictures by clicking on the 'satellite' button.

To use Google Map with more options, typically the possibility to colorize by altitude or to add your own waypoints, we suggest you to visit the site of GpsVisualizer.

If you have installed Google Earth on your computer, the format used by Google Earth is 'Keyhole Markup Language' (KML). Google Earth allows you to view in 3D your trail trace on a series of satellite photos of the area, to zoom on the trace and to change the point of view.

You can convert a GPX format file into a KML format file on our site via the menu 'Conversion of GPS format'.