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.:. The large marsh of the tail in Blangy-Tronville

Near Amiens, this marsh offers to curious extraordinary natural pallet. This old peat bog is today made up of wooded areas, marsh and ponds where fauna and the flora open out. Provide with binoculars for the observation, borrow the path of discovered and let allure itself by Dame Nature.

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trail GPS : hike, The large marsh of the tail in Blangy-Tronville : Le grand marais de la queue à Blangy-Tronvill ©Cry
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   .:.  Parameters of the trail trace
Country : France
County : Picardie
Department : Somme - 80
Starting place : 80440 - Blangy Tronville
Arrival place : 80440 - Blangy Tronville
Type : Loop
Mountain : Aucun
Distance : 2.82 km
Elevation + : 7 m
Elevation - : 7 m
Marking : Yellow
IGN map reference: 2308E
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Author: CDT Somme
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