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.:. Wonders in Mercantour (2)

If you have 8 days free, here is the continuation of a magnificent hike under the sun of the Alpes-Maritimes by going of refuge to refuge with stages where the made uneven remain reasonable but where the progresses will be made on little frequented passages, allowing an approach of the wild fauna of mountains.

We leave the refuge of Valmasque by following the Green, black Lakes and of Basto then it will be a transition in the landscape by reaching the Valley of the Marvels but we are now in regulated zone and it is forbidden to go out of the path GR 52 ®. You can however make it with a guard; on rendez vous, but also from the refuge of the Marvels to discover the main rupestral engravings which mark the rocks of this valley...

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   .:.  Parameters of the trail trace
Country : France
County : Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Department : Alpes-Maritimes - 06
Starting place : 06430 - Refuge de Valmasque
Arrival place : 06450 - La Vacherie du Boréon
Type : Loop
Mountain : Alpes - Mercantour
Step: 06430 - Refuge des Merveilles
Step: 06450 - Saint-Grat
Step: 06450 - Refuge de la Madone de Fenestre
Distance : 31.60 km
Elevation + : 2839 m
Elevation - : 3401 m
Marking : No
IGN map reference: 3741OT
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Author: Stephane59
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Has been entered on : 20/06/2006
Last updated : 20/06/2006
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