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.:. Col of Saulce, the Prayet, Perquelin

How to describe a missed excursion? Rain and fog carried out the dance to lead to the abandonment of the objectives laid down one after the other. But after the Collar of Saulce, the Hut of Bellefont, this strolls led my steps towards the splendid path of Prayet which plunges in laces tightened in a grassy corridor and to pass in front of a cave. Always through stiff slopes, it passes to the collected source of the Black Fountain by which water of surplus runs abundantly at this beginning of summer 2007 apart from any logic of climatic reheating.

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trail GPS : hike, Col of Saulce, the Prayet, Perquelin : Sous la pluie dans la descente du Prayet
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   .:.  Parameters of the trail trace
Country : France
County : Rhône-Alpes
Department : Isère - 38
Starting place : 38380 - Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse
Arrival place : 38380 - Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse
Type : Loop
Mountain : Alpes - Chartreuse
Distance : 9.19 km
Elevation + : 831 m
Elevation - : 831 m
Marking : N.A.
IGN map reference: 3334 OT
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