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.:. Raising and lowering the Ventoux southern

The rise of the legendary Mont Ventoux on a trail south to the summit, then down by beautiful valleys and rocks. Really beautiful landscapes for a very rewarding hike!

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   .:.  Parameters of the trail trace
Country : France
County : Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Department : Vaucluse - 84
Starting place : 84410 - Bédoin
Arrival place : 84410 - Bédoin
Type : Loop
Mountain : Alpes - Baronnies
Distance : 43.88 km
Elevation + : 1818 m
Elevation - : 1805 m
Marking : No
IGN map reference: 3140ET
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Difficultoutdoor bikeDifficult
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Author: CYRIL05
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Has been entered on : 30/09/2007
Last updated : 30/09/2007
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by Dennis on 14/07/2012
Fantastic! The climb is long but easy (mostly easy gravl road). Alone maybe a littje boring so I will probably climb over the road to the top next time (less time). The descend is a dream. 20km down hill of which 15 km flowing single track! Tip: The first part of the down hill after crossing the road is barely cyclable. Descend a little over the road and turn left, you'll find a nicer way down. You'll meet the original track where the fantastic single trail starts.
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