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.:. Mtb Center FFC Urdaibai Busturialdea - Trail n°7 - Sollube

Mtb Center FFC Urdaibai Busturialdea

Official track of the French Mtb Organisation.

Departure point: Barrio Zallobante (Errigoiti)

Finishing point: Barrio Zallobante (Errigoiti)

The Busturialdea Mountain Bike Centre has a network of routes that are characterized by their toughness and technical difficulty. This is a centre where mountain bike lovers will discover a place where their cycling skills can be put to the test.

However, in Busturialdea there is a place for everyone. A low-difficulty, very scenic route is also available via which you will discover the heart of the Mundaka estuary, where the greatest ecological diversity in the area is concentrated...

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trail GPS : outdoor bike, Mtb Center FFC Urdaibai Busturialdea  - Trail n°7 - Sollube : © Centre VTT FFC Urdaibai Busturialdea
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   .:.  Parameters of the trail trace
Country : Espagne
County :
Department :
Starting place : 48309 - Errigoiti
Arrival place : 48309 - Errigoiti
Type : Loop
Mountain : Aucun
Distance : 28.82 km
Elevation + : 1305 m
Elevation - : 1305 m
Marking : Balises FFC
IGN map reference:
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Difficultoutdoor bikeDifficult
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Author: Centres VTT FFC Euskadi
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Has been entered on : 13/06/2008
Last updated : 13/06/2008
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