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.:. The Fountains tour

Lake Geneva Region .

The Fountains tour

Our region is filled with the sound and beauty of its springs. Where did they come from? You'll find out during this tour, along which you will fall under the spell of the gentle rush of water as you follow the course of the Grand Chaney, or watch the hypnotizing idyll of the waterfall at Dard. This tour is a discovery of the rich flora in this valley and who knows? Maybe you'll even spot one of its local inhabitants, a deer or chamois, perhaps.Discovery trails and the most beautiful, interesting walks of the Lake Geneva Region .

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trail GPS : hike, The Fountains tour : Abbaye de Romainmôtier ©Région du Léman
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Country : Suisse
County :
Department :
Starting place : 01323 - Romainmôtier
Arrival place : 01322 - Croy
Type : Loop
Mountain : Alpes Vaudoises
Distance : 11.60 km
Elevation + : 264 m
Elevation - : 287 m
Marking : N.A.
IGN map reference: swisstopo
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Author: Office du Tourisme du Canton de Vaud
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Last updated : 03/07/2008
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