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.:. Catalonia - Wind horses - Niu d’Àliga shelter to Serrat de les Esposes shelter

Catalonia - Wind Horses- Niu d’Àliga shelter to Serrat de les Esposes shelter

Descending from Tosa along the GR 150-1 you will first come across mountain scree that lasts for about ten minutes, and then you return to the more placid walk between grassland and open forest. The path passes through the Coll de Jou, an old mountain pass used by smugglers and Spanish Civil War Guerrillas; from here the climb begins to the Penyes Altes. The last 500 metres of steep climb remind you that this really is a summit of2,279 metres. Many Catalans took their first steps in mountaineering here and a look at the visitor’s book is proof of their inexhaustible patience.

Descend to the Moixeró meadow...

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trail GPS : hike, Catalonia - Wind horses - Niu d’Àliga shelter to Serrat de les Esposes shelter  : 02 Niu d'Aliga © Jose Luis Rodriguez.jpg
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Country : Espagne
County :
Department :
Starting place : 08695 - Bagà
Arrival place : 25721 - Riu de Cerdanya
Type : Single
Mountain : Pyrénées Centrales
Distance : 11.08 km
Elevation + : 500 m
Elevation - : 1502 m
Marking : Orange mark
IGN map reference:
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Author: Tourisme de la Catalogne
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