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.:. Catalonia - From Montblanc to the Ebro River - Falset to Móra d’Ebre

Leave Falset via the T-300 road as far as Marçà (where you have the RENFE railway station of Marçà-Falset). Take the TV-3002 as far as Capçanes and then take the trail that leads to the TV-3031 road, turning left will bring you to Guiamets. Follow the TV-3031 to Tivissa. After visiting the town, turn back along the same road as far as the Sierra de Almos, where you turn left to get on the TV-3032 which you follow until it comes to the N-420 road. You pass Móra la Nova (where you have the RENFE railway station) and finally, you reach the town of Móra d’Ebre after crossing the river Ebro.

Things to see

Beginning with Marçà, a village of fertile crops on the plains and headquarters of an agricultural cooperative, where you can visit the Baroque Church of Sant Joan, The Lula Pérez-Marçà-Giné Museum of Sculpture and the Cellar-Museum La Miloquera...

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trail GPS : outdoor bike,cycling, Catalonia - From Montblanc to the Ebro River - Falset to Móra d’Ebre  : Pont_d'arcades_de_Móra_d'Ebre ©Pau Canal i Oliver Wikipedia
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Country : Espagne
County :
Department :
Starting place : 43730 - Falset
Arrival place : 43740 - Móra d’Ebre
Type : Single
Mountain : Aucun
Distance : 39.21 km
Elevation + : 613 m
Elevation - : 937 m
Marking : N.A.
IGN map reference:
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Difficultoutdoor bikeDifficult
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