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.:. Catalonia - Around Plana de Ponent - From Les Borges Blanques to Guimerà

This stage is through the counties of Les Garrigues and Urgell towards the east. A good portion of the county of Les Garrigues is located on a plateau on the Segre river basin. The area has not received irrigation although water is due to arrive over the next few years as the major Segarra-Garrigues project unfolds. All in all, the climate and the area’s unique sunshine have given the region the longest standing denomination of origin (1975) in the entire country for its olive oil, certified by the European Union as a protected denomination in 1996. The rigorous manufacturing controls guarantee the quality of one of the best olive oils in the world...

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trail GPS : outdoor bike,cycling, Catalonia - Around Plana de Ponent - From Les Borges Blanques to Guimerà  : ©Les Borges Blanques
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Country : Espagne
County :
Department :
Starting place : 25400 - Les Borges Blanques
Arrival place : 25341 - Guimerà
Type : Single
Mountain : Aucun
Distance : 49.27 km
Elevation + : 813 m
Elevation - : 605 m
Marking : N.A.
IGN map reference:
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Author: Tourisme de la Catalogne
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Last updated : 07/01/2009
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