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.:. Route 32 - La Rabassa - Centre BTT La Seu-Alt Urgell

A long, physically demanding, uphill route, which takes us from the banks of the Segre up to the alpine meadows near to the Andorra border.

The first part of this itinerary as long as spectacular - and international - follows the track that goes from La Seu to Alàs next to the river, and later gains altitude by the asphalt road that leads to Estamariu and Bescaran.

In Bescaran, asphalt road is finished when we follow by the track that passes next to the roman bell tower of "Sant Martí", and that leads to the farms of the village and the grass lands of summer. On the left, before arriving at the "Pla de Sorri" - from where we would be able to descend to Torres or Castellnou de Carcolze - another track leaves, in North direction, that will finish taking us to the forest of La Rabassa, already in Andorran territory, to the other slope of the mountain range, where in winter the cross-country skiing is practiced...

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trail GPS : outdoor bike, Route 32 - La Rabassa - Centre BTT La Seu-Alt Urgell : 32 vaques_gtrail GPS : outdoor bike, Route 32 - La Rabassa - Centre BTT La Seu-Alt Urgell : 32 neu_g
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Country : Espagne
County :
Department :
Starting place : 25700 - La Seu d'Urgell
Arrival place : 25700 - La Seu d'Urgell
Type : Loop
Mountain : Pyrénées Centrales
Distance : 58.44 km
Elevation + : 2869 m
Elevation - : 2869 m
Marking :
IGN map reference:
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Very Difficultoutdoor bikeVery Difficult
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