BGET_________________________________ Pyrenean Equestrian Guides. Under the Sun of Southwestern Europe ! Hereunder we are very pleased to make a presentation of an european association, working with horses throughout the pyrenean mountains, in France, Spain and Andorra. The Office of the Transpyrenean Equestrian Guides gathers, since 1998, a dozen of equestrian guides specialized in equestrian excursions and ecoturism on all the chain of the Pyrenees in France, Spain, and Andorra. The Pyrenees, 400 x 150 kms, between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, wide open and protected spaces in Western Europe, offer immense wild territories, criss-crossed by over 3000 kms of horse suited trails, adapted to horse trekkings. The fauna and the flora, below astonishing peaks, are the richest of France, orchises, lilies, bear, isards, ibexes, raptors, etc.. On these lands of tradition our excursions are an opportunity to meet shepherds and farmers, to visit major historic sites (Cathares, Romance legacy,..), and to taste the famous French gastronomy of the Western South. All the equestrian guides follow training courses regularly in order to improve with the modern techniques of the equestrian excursion (GPS, for example) so to increase the safety of the excursions in altitude, as well as training courses of knowledge of the natural environment. Located in the extreme South of France, the Pyrenees have a privileged climate. The crossing of the transborder collars (with a top at least of 2000 m) is possible only between June and October. Horse outings last for 2 days or several days.
Fédération Française de Cyclisme_________________________________ The mountain bike, with its "cool" associations, is being taken up by ever-growing numbers of regular and occasional cyclists. It opens up access to the farthest-flung corners of France, where the pleasures of the landscape can be combined with a fun physical activity, accessible to all, by observing a few common-sense rules, choosing routes with an appropriate level of difficulty and keeping safety in mind. To make this easier, the FFC has begun certifying mountain-biking sites and promoting mountain-biking as a leisure activity enabling everyone to discover beautiful regions in complete safety on fully-marked and regularly maintained routes. Over 140 sites and more than 48,000 km of paths a year are awarded the "VTT-FFC" label. This is your guarantee that the site offers various services as well as marked paths graded by difficulty. Examples of these services include: personal reception, full information about the routes, information boards and route maps, washing facilities, a bicycle repair point and cycle hire.
Langres area and its 4 lakes._________________________________ At the gateway to Champagne and Burgundy, with its high ramparts, its imposing towers, and numerous church towers, Langres soars above the plateau like the proud fortress it is.
Les Grandes Traversées du Jura_________________________________ The Jura enjoys very varied weather, which is a well known fact in France! After rain, sunshine, or the other way round. Aiming to provide services that better cater for the needs of trekkers, the GTJ and the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura manage the development of the Grandes Traversées du Jura in close partnership. In 1985, the three cross-country skiing associations of the Ain, Doubs and Jura departments pooled their efforts in order to coordinate cross-country skiing across the three departments, creating the regional association Espace Nordique Jurassien (ENJ). n 1999, the ENJ left its “trekking” responsibilities to concentrate once again on coordinating cross-country skiing activities. The "Grandes Traversées du Jura" association took over and began to implement a programme to develop the routes and the tourist activities associated with them along with others involved in outdoor trekking tourism in the Jura range. In July 2003, the association’s headquarters moved from Champagnole to Planches en Montagne
Pays basque and Bearn Western France_________________________________ offers detailed travel arrangements, guided tours and hosted stays as well as convenient online booking services. Events and current promotions are indicated on our homepage, giving the reader optimal insights into when and where to book. The site also acts as an in-depth tourists guide, depicting the cultures, festivals, cuisine and people of the Bearn and Basque Country.
Quirao.com_________________________________ Welcome on, source of passion products and unique gift ideas ! Quirao presents and distributes "passion" objects, unique or unusual gift ideas, hand made most of the time, in limited edition. The field covered by our range of products is somewhere between games, collectible toys, fascinating machines, objects for decoration and display, and plain art pieces.
Randonner.fr_________________________________ In France, 2000 km of footpaths...exploring the treasures of the Aisne. A wealth of different landscapes, culture and heritage - stretching from the Belgian border to the edge of the Ile-de-France – the Aisne department has much to offer its visitors. In the five natural regions that make up the Aisne, the Thiérache, Saint-Quentinois, Laonnois, Soissonnais and Marne valley, there is plenty for people with a wide range of interests : history, cultural and industrial heritage, walking, hiking and cycling, gastronomy. Maroilles cheese and Champagne tasting, a tour of the city of Laon perched high within its ramparts, an exploration of the Chemin des Dames with all its poignant reminders of the First World War, the discovery of the workers’ paradise created by Godin in the Familistère at Guise, one or two long walks through the forests of Retz and Saint Gobain – these are just some of the things you can do when you come and enjoy the warm welcome and hospitality that visitors have received for centuries in the Aisne.
Tourism Comitee of Department of Somme_________________________________ Exploring the Somme ! A hidden world less than two hours from Paris, Brussels and London. Here, nature is everywhere. Wild, outstanding and unexpected in the variety of its landscapes. The Somme is one of the cradles of Prehistoric times. Amiens is home to the biggest Gothic cathedral in France. Further to the east, the battlefields show you what the First World War was really like. A bike ride with the family in the Picardy countryside, a ride on a sand yacht for the more energetic, before going to taste some authentic local cuisine? In the Somme, it's up to you!